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Our Process.

How we work with you...

Our financial planning process has been designed to help us understand all about your dreams and aspirations, and to help you see how your money helps you get there.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

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We offer an initial meeting, at our expense, to seek to understand as much as possible about your life and aspirations and to understand if you would benefit from our services.

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What we will do:

Help you live life to the full

Life isn't a rehearsal. We will help you to clarify how you can use your money to live life on your terms.

Organise your finances

We will bring financial organisation to your life and help you avoid the pitfalls when making important money decisions.

Hold you accountable

We will remind you of the things you have said are important to you and the actions we need to take.

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Friendly financial planning focused on you, not your money.


What we don't do:

Recommend anything we wouldn't do

We know that your money is an important part of your life, so we take it seriously.

Give you a plan and run

Just like Rome, financial plans aren't build in a day. They need constant tweaking, and so we're with you on the journey.  

Focus on your money first

Proper financial planning is established upon the knowledge of what you want from life. So, we get to know you before anything else.

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