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How we charge for services.

You will always know our fees before you decide to proceed.

Transparency is important to us and we show this by displaying our fees clearly in print and on our website.


Should you agree to proceed, half of our initial advice fee is typically billed directly in advance of carrying out any chargeable work. We then arrange settlement of the remainder either directly or from invested assets.


Ongoing Advice Fees are either paid directly or from a financial product where possible.

Our Initial Services:

The below scenarios cover our initial financial planning and advice service depending on your situation. 

An Individual or couple with modest assets/investments

Typically employed and saving for the future

Trustees/Attorneys/Deputies requiring investment advice

A couple with a moderate level of  assets/investments

Deferred final salary pensions

Property investments

Self employed or business owner with Limited Company

A family financial planning service


Typically a large level of  assets/investments


Profit extraction strategies from company


Advice on business sale


School fees planning


Estate planning


Often includes extensive interaction with other professionals

£2,500 - £3,750

£4,000 - £7,000

£7,500 - £10,000

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Our Ongoing Services:

Our two service offerings both involve ongoing advice with typically a periodic or annual meeting.

Our Ongoing Advice Fee will depend on the complexity of your affairs and the level of service required. It is agreed and expressed in either percentage or monetary terms.


We estimate our ongoing advice fees for each client individually based on the time, value and complexity of the advice required.

Some typical examples:

£300,000 Trustee investment


Guardian service (periodic review)

Married couple with £600,000 invested across various products.

Financial Planning service (annual review)

Company director with £1.5m invested across various products. Including advice on profit extraction & exit strategy.


Financial Planning service (annual review)

0.75% per annum


Fixed fee £2,250 per annum

1.00% per annum


Fixed fee of £6,000 per annum

0.6% per annum


Fixed fee of £9,000 per annum

The level of ongoing advice fees will be estimated and agreed at outset. Our services are not contractual and can be cancelled by either party without prejudice.

Please note, if we agree to cover the cost of ongoing advice by charging a percentage of funds under management, as the funds grow and the value of your investment increases, so will the charge applicable.


Alternatively, we can opt for a fixed monetary fee.

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